Eurasia HR Consultant PRO Services in Dubai

why companies need PRO Services

  • RPO is a beneficial service in many ways. It decentralizes the work and task to be distributed further among different expertise helping the main company to retain its productivity and viability.
  • RPO thus offers an expertise service of choosing the right personnel at the right place.
  • RPO professionals not only find the people but interview, train and put them into the right places.
  • In a way, RPO is a crucial task of finding the right talent for the right job.

The benefits of using our RPO service:

  • Quick access to most qualified and skilled man power
  • Reduced time to recruit staff & Reduced recruitment costs

  • Removal of administrative burdens of recruitment

  • Improved retention of staffs

  • Mitigation of operational risks

  • Accessing the best available technology

  • Greater management buy-in to the recruitment process.

Eurasia HR Consultant PRO Services in Dubai

We take full responsibility for enhancing the output. RPO is however more than simply changing who is operating the recruitment function and it delivers significant benefit when compared to a traditional managed service, master vendor, or preferred or sole supplier relationships offered by many recruitment companies. EURASIA HR Consultant’s RPO service involves a comprehensive reengineering of recruitment and resourcing within an organization.

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Our long term relationship approach

Each and every client is special to us. And we seek a long term relationship with our valued clients instead of considering them just another client. A Recruitment Process Outsourcing Agreement governs the entire arrangement between our clients and EURASIA HR Consultant. This contract would detail the responsibilities of both parties, the processes and procedures to be implemented, define the benchmarks against which the service will be measured, quality standards that will be achieved, reporting standards and timing, the fee structures and payment terms, remedies in the event of non-performance and any other issues that are relevant to the agreement. Whilst our objective will always be to exceed our client’s expectations, it is critical to the long-term success of the arrangement that a joint culture is created and the parties behave in a manner that ensures the spirit of partnership is maintained.


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